Today’s Assignment – Study the Mechanics of the Top LH Pitchers In The World!

By · March 7, 2012 · Filed in Sports

GOOD = Aroldis Chapman(the owner of the “fastest” pitch of all-time):

BETTER: Randy Johnson(the most intimidating LH pitcher of all-time):

BEST: Sandy Koufax(the GREATEST LH pitcher of all-time):

Oh and did I mention that ALL 3 have ties to the Phoenix Area: Chapman currently plays Spring Training ball less than 5 minutes from my home at Goodyear Ballpark, Johnson lives in the Phoenix Area and Koufax has already been spotted at Dodgers ST in Glendale(about 15mins from my house). In fact, the Koufax sighting was reported to me by a buddy who has been spending a lot of time there as he also has aspirations of making an MLB roster(and actually attended the White Sox open tryout last weekend). The reason for Koufax’s presence? To give some advice to current Dodgers ace(and fellow Lefty) Clayton Kershaw.

The goal is to hopefully meet them and get some first-hand pointers. Otherwise, it’ll be about studying and emulating until I can get from my pathetic 75mph top-speed with erratic control to a consistent 85-90mph with pinpoint control and good off-speed/movement pitches.

So far I have already worked on two major flaws… one is not fully extending and “pulling in” my front arm. The other is starting my left arm down low before coming over the top. I also reached out to a local LHP from the Cincinnati Reds who I found on Craigslist and offers lessons on the side.

Stay tuned, I’ll have videos of myself in action up soon so you can see the progression from “don’t quit your day job” to “Remember The Name”!

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