Everything To Everyone – Not Just A Great Song, A Life Lesson!

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When I was a teenager I instantly fell in love with this “new” offering by Everclear(follow up to their first major hit “Santa Monica”). Granted at the time I was focused on the hot blondes in the school girl outfits I have since grown up and this song/video is more relevant 20yrs later. Man, this song is 20yrs old! Yes, a sign that I myself am getting old.

I know I could probably write a Master’s thesis just analyzing the lyrics or even the visuals, but I figured I would just focus on a couple things and see what you all think:

  1. The video starts with the “spinning room” as a metaphor to going ’round and round trying to find the right social circles. It’s highlighted by all the different people trying to climb the social ladders, whether it’s the above mentioned “hot” girls or the guy and girl in the suit trying to climb the corporate ladder.
  2. The lyric “you said they taught you how to read and write, yea they taught you how to count, I say they taught you how to buy and sell your own body by the pound” is a very powerful metaphor for the education system and how it this all starts early in life. Whether it’s public or private school trying to find the right social circle and falling into order(i.e. trying to get good grades in English, Reading, Math, etc) is the beginning of trying to be “Everything To Everyone”.
  3. The overall song and the band’s performance/antics in the song take something so serious/meaningful and make light of it. It’s a great daily reminder for us to maybe not take things so seriously.

Where I’d like to go with this(aside from writing a Master’s Thesis or book) is an idea I’ve had for a little while about a post called “Be Too Important To Ignore”. In my own quest of trying to be “Everything To Everyone” I’ve found that to some I’m just not good enough and it’s more a result of not having what that particular person wants/needs. At the same time it’s a reminder that to some you won’t have/be anything so you need to focus on who’s most important. Ah, focus, there’s one of the most difficult things to master in this society of instant gratification. If only the guys of Everclear knew what type of technology/trends would come to control our lives after the innocent days of 1997.

Hope you liked this post. Even if not, please drop a line in the comments below and let me know what you think. If it’s blatantly offensive or spam it will be filtered out, however, I do invite constructive criticism or even the feather in my cap of some praise for my writing. Thanks in advance!

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