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Welcome to the Official Home Page for Clint Masser

I aim to make this site inspirational, educational and entertaining. Please take a look around, the articles cover the following topics:

Business Education
The best way to make it to the top is learning about those who have already made the journey. From case studies of real success stories to advice on how to succeed in certain aspects of business, this section has it all. A great resource for entrepreneurs is The Fastlane Forum, a web forum started by self-made millionaire, author and buddy of mine, MJ DeMarco.

I love to laugh. I love action movies. I love music. This section has everything from inspiring music videos to reviews of comedy acts I've seen. Enjoy!

One measure of success in life is how well you take care of yourself. This section has tips on how to do so from experts as well as my own personal journey from fat to fit. If you've ever asked yourself "How do I lose X lbs?" or "How can accomplish -insert fitness feat here-?" there's something for you in here.

Some articles fall into multiple categories and chances are most posts in this section fall under another category. This section is about my own personal experiences ranging from my political opinions to my fitness accomplishments.

I have a love-hate relationship with politics. Like most, I usually disagree with our political leaders more than I agree. This section has links to articles as well as my personal viewpoints on political practices and agendas, good and bad.

Like most guys I love to watch sports, I also love to play sports. The sports I'm most involved with are distance running and baseball. This section includes links, editorials and best of all, my own sports experiences, from the next marathon I'm training for to what baseball skill I'm currently working on improving.

I'm a tech geek and Apple fanboy. This is devoted to my tech interests which range from my tools and toys such as my current Macbook or iPhone to my dabblings in web design(HTML and CSS).

The name of this section needs some work, but since I love almost anything with wheels it wouldn't be fair to call this exotic cars, sport bikes or cross-country mountain bikes as it encompasses all three. From the latest exotics to my personal experience in past and present ownership of a hand-built Cannondale cross-country mountain bike, Honda CBR600F4i super sport motorcycle and Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 grand touring sports car, this section is for the gearhead in all of us.

My Favorite Places Online

Accounting and Tax Services - Jefferson Franklin Tax Services - Our Family Owned/Operated Tax Business

Millionaire Entrepreneur Forum - The BEST Resource for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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